Off Season Maintenance

One of the hardest things on a race car is being trailered from race to race. So, we always begin our off-season maintenance by tearing the car down as far as it will allow, it is important check all tubing joints, welds and highly strained areas for paint chipping and general movement.

Next move on to your suspension and check all heim joints, wishbone, shocks and struts. A seized-up ball joint or a wishbone with too much movement can be a very unsafe situation and while you’re in those area make sure to check brake pads and start out the season with a fresh set.

Next the driveshaft which is one of the most overlooked parts on a race car but due to the unfathomable stress it endures during a race season, a drive shaft has a lifespan just like pistons, rods, tires, or any other moving part. Because of this, your entire driveline including the drive shaft, u-joints and yokes should be checked regularly for inconsistencies and wear.

Finally check all your safety devices and SFI tags on your vehicle. These are there for a reason and it is extremely important to make sure they are operating effectively. Along with examining items like your window net, seat belts, etc. for expiration and wear, it is imperative that you also inspect their mounting points and hardware to ensure everything can work as designed in the event of an accident.

KKC carries all the items needed to get your race car in tip top shape for the upcoming season.