MSD PRO 600 CDI Ignition and Coil Kit


8-channel capacitive discharge ignition and coil kit designed for high cylinder pressure, high horsepower engines running coil-near-plug ignition.

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MSD Pro 600 CDI ignition and coil kits provide unrivaled spark energy and dependability. Designed for coil-near-plug engine management systems, such as Holley EFI, GM LS platforms, and most other EFI systems, the PRO 600 units are also capable of easily converting any distributor-type ignition into a coil-near-plug system. They feature a programmable power setting that allows racers to switch between a user adjustable 250 to 400 millijoule (mJ) output or the industry-leading output of 680 millijoules via activation wire or software. Pro Mod to Pro Street, or yanking a sled in the dirt with a pulling truck, if you need to light 8 coils without fail, MSD PRO 600 CDI kits are your answer.


* Eight outputs of up to 680 mJ of energy
* All necessary wiring harnesses included
* Continuous 600 mJ operation without risk of failure from overheating
* High-efficiency Alternating Current (AC) power delivery means less voltage draw from your battery or charging system
* Over 50 Kilovolts output voltage, when used with MSD suggested coils
* Spark duration of greater than 300 microseconds
* 6 V minimum required for starting and running
* 12 V minimum required for 600 mJ operation
* Maximum operating voltage 22 V
* Direct plug-in to Holley EFI systems
* Compatible with most EFI systems, including 5 V or 12 V drivers
* Plugin interface with MSD Power-Grid, Davis Profiler, and OEM LS-style coil harness
* Reverse battery protection
* Protection against shorted or open coils, and over temperature
* Diagnostic LEDs help troubleshoot issues, should they arise
* On-the-fly power output selection wire, selectable between low-power and high-power operation
* Fits most coil-per-plug engines up to 8 cylinders (including 4- and 6-cylinders)
* Additional CAN based features, when used with Holley EFI
* Approved for NHRA Pro Mod Class

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 5 in


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