Nitrous Express GM LS 102mm Nitrous Plate Kit (50-400HP)


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Nitrous Express LS plate nitrous systems feature a billet plate that’s designed to fit all FAST 102 intakes and bolt between the throttle body and intake, making for a quick and simple installation. Their plate is pre-machined with a second set of nitrous and fuel passages, so you can easily upgrade to a dual stage system later on. Nitrous Express LS plate nitrous systems also include ProPower Lightning series solenoids, a 10 lb. bottle with the Lightning 45 bottle valve, a 6 AN feedline, braided stainless solenoid to plate lines, stainless bottle brackets, a master arming switch, and a WOT switch, as well as every nut and bolt needed to complete the installation. If you’re looking for a superior nitrous setup, there’s no better place to find one than Nitrous Express.

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 28.2 × 10.9 × 9.9 in


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